We’re on a mission to reimagine infusion care

Accessing affordable infusion care shouldn't be this hard. We make it easier, faster, and more affordable for our patients to receive the treatments they deserve.

Every day, for every patient, our goal is to:
Facilitate access to treatment by taking the complex administrative and insurance-related burden off of the patient
Reduce out-of-pocket costs by negotiating lower drug prices and finding financial assistance programs
Transform the infusion experience using patient-driven insights and feedback to inform every decision we make
Build a world-class team that is vetted and trained to deliver compassionate, human-centered care

Our Team

Meet your partners in compassionate infusion care
tarek defrawi
Dr. Tarek Defrawi, M.D.

Medical Director

shareef defrawi
Shareef Defrawi

Chief Executive Officer

aylin poulton
Aylin Poulton

Managing Partner

lindsay kem
Lindsay Kem

Practice Administrator

bridget kress
Bridget Kress

Business Development

loc tran
Loc Tran